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Barthell, Elisabeth (2008): Immunhistochemische Visualisierung von Cathepsin D und Glycodelin A am Mammakarzinom. Dissertation, LMU München: Medizinische Fakultät



121 breast cancer tumours were stained immunohistochemically with Cath D mouse antibody and Gd A monoclonal mouse and polyklonal rabbit antibody. For Cath D tumours with positive lymph nodes showed significant higher expression as well as ductal carcinomas compared to lobal carcinomas. For Gd A the monoclonal antibody showed a positive correlation of staining with positive steroid receptors (Estrogen and Progesteron). There was no association with grading. The results fit into the concept of breakdown of extracellular matrix by Cath D and its role in tumour progression and metastasis as well as immunosuression an d the rolr in tumourogenesis of Gd.