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Song, Dongyi (2006): Combining Speech User Interfaces of Different Applications. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik



Recent technological advances allow for building real-time, inter-active multi-modal dialog systems for a wide variety of applications ranging from information systems to communication systems interacting with back-end services. To retrieve or update information from various information systems the user has to interact among other man-machine-interfaces (simultaneously) with speech dialog systems. This will inevitably lead a situation where a user has to interact with multiple speech dialog systems within a single thread of activity. Exposing the users to such an environment with diverse speech interfaces will result in increased cognitive load and thus bad usability. An integrated speech enabled access layer to all available information from different applications would allow the user to access information more efficiently and easily. This dissertation proposes a novel approach to build such an integrated speech user interface to different applications by combining the existing speech user interfaces of different applications automatically or semi-automatically. By analyzing the dialog specifications of different applications, functional and semantic overlaps between the applications are recognized. The overlaps are solved successfully in the level of dialog specification so that the integrated speech user interface provides transparent access to different applications, solves the problems of task sharing and enables information sharing among different applications.