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Sindel, Michael (2005): Numerical Renormalization Group studies of Quantum Impurity Models in the Strong Coupling Limit. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Physik



In this thesis we summarize a number of theoretical studies dealing with various properties of quantum dots. Small quantum dots with a large level spacing are very well described by the Anderson impurity model. In modern quantum dot experiments all parameters of this model can be tuned via external gate voltages. Thus, it should be possible to check our theoretical findings experimentally. We are particularly interested in temperatures $T$ smaller than the so-called Kondo temperature $T_K$, $T<T_K$. The Kondo temperature $T_K$ is an energy scale below which a local spin inside the dot interacts strongly with the conduction electrons in its neighboring leads. Consequently we employ Wilson's numerical renormalization group method, a numerical technique which allows for an accurate calculation of properties of quantum dots in the Kondo regime.