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Schönberger, Stefanie (2013): Phosphorus, sulfur and pyridine: a unique combination to a great structural diversity. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie



The synthesis of distinct neutral or anionic P,S compounds in solution provides a great challenge for chemists. Due to the similarity in the energies of the P–P, P–S and S–S bonds nearly solely a mixture of compounds with different composition and charge is obtained. Our interest focuses on the system consisting of phosphorus, sulfur and pyridine, with the aim of a greater selectivity of P,S compounds in solution. The combination of these three components offers the opportunity of stabilizing unusual P,S compounds as pyridine adducts or pyridinium salts, integration of main group and transition metals (formation of metal-thiophosphates) and the investigation of many more reactions of this class of compounds in a basic environment.