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Ansari, Saeid (2011): Microscopic Calabi-Yau Black Holes in String Theory. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Physik



In this thesis we study microscopic aspects of Calabi-Yau black holes in string theory. We compute the absorption cross-section of the space-time massless scalars by the world-volume of D2-branes, wrapped on the S2 of an AdS_2 x S^2 x CY_3 geometry of a four-dimensional D4-D0 Calabi-Yau black hole. The D2-brane can also have a generic D0 probe-brane charge. However, we restrict ourselves to D2-branes with small D0-charge so that the perturbation theory is applicable. According to the proposed AdS_2/QM correspondence the candidate for the dual theory is the quantum mechanics of a set of probe D0-branes in the AdS2 geometry. For small but non-zero probe D0-charge we find the quantum mechanical absorption cross-section seen by an asymptotic anti-de Sitter observer. We repeat the calculations for vanishing probe D0-charge as well and discuss our result by comparing with the classical absorption cross-section. In other project, for a given four-dimensional Calabi-Yau black hole with generic D6-D4-D2-D0 charges we identify a set of supersymmetric branes, which are static or stationary in the global coordinates, of the corresponding eleven-dimensional near horizon geometry. The set of these BPS states, which include the branes partially or fully wrap the horizon, should play a role in understanding the partition function of black holes with D6-charge.