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Open Publishing LMU in the series "Dissertationen der LMU" und "Habilitationsschriften der LMU"

The University Library works together with the publisher readbox unipress to offer you the opportunity of publishing your thesis both as a print title with a publisher and as an electronic edition on the University Library's theses server "Electronic theses of LMU Munich”. The published print title will appear in DIN A5 format in the series "Dissertationen der LMU” and "Habilitationen der LMU” respectively.
Using our service, you fulfil the requirement to publish your work in print. Depending on the regulations relevant to your subject, you therefore only have to submit between 2 and 10 print copies to the Publication Services Theses.
Parallel publication on the platform for electronic theses is obligatory.
It is not possible to finish your submission by electronic publishing first and to publish your thesis afterwords with Open Publishing LMU.

For whom is this offer?

This offer is addressed to all doctoral and postdoc candidates of the LMU. Please check the regulations for your subject to see if they contain the appropriate legal provisions.

What will it cost?

  • Flat rate of € 163.87 plus 19% VAT, so € 195 in total.
  • Flat rate for dissertations of € 30 plus 19% VAT. Not applicable for post-doc theses.
  • On top of this, there is the cost of the author's copies that you order. The costs depend on the total number of pages, the number of colour pages and the number of author's copies. The cost of the author's copies will be determined by the publisher when your copy is ready for printing.

For example: A thesis with 200 pages and 10 colour pages will cost around € 17.80 in a bookshop; the price of an author's copy will be around € 12.66 for a minimum print run. You will receive royalties for each book sold and can also register your work with the VG Wort and apply for royalties there too.

This is how it works

  1. Send an e-mail to the "Referat Elektronisches Publizieren" (Electronic Publications Department): publizieren@ub.uni-muenchen.de

  2. Send us a sample chapter of your work, which you have formatted according to the Checklist for formatting your manuscript for publication in "Dissertationen der LMU" and "Habilitationsschriften der LMU"
  3. You enter into a contract with the University Library to have your thesis published by a publishing house. This contract runs for 5 years. Amongst other things, it regulates obligations, costs and usage rights. Please note that you are granting only non-exclusive rights for both the print and digital versions, which means that you can publish your work elsewhere whenever you wish. In addition, you sign the form for the submission of electronic theses in duplicate.

  4. Format your theses in compliance with our "Checklist for formatting your manuscript for publication in "Dissertationen der LMU" and "Habilitationsschriften der LMU".

  5. Send us your edited and formatted thesis in Word format and include the faculty title page. Send us an additional file containing an abstract for the back cover and descriptive keywords for inclusion in the "Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher" (VLB, German Books in Print). If you have not written your thesis using Word, please send us a complete PDF file of your work, ensuring it is compatible with PDF/X4.

  6. We will create a PDF file according to the layout of the relevant series. You will receive a copy of this PDF file from us for your approval.

  7. The publisher will now determine the price for bookstores and for you as author as well as the royalties your will receive for each book sold. You will then let us know how many author's copies you want us to order for you from the publishers.

  8. You will receive the galley proofs for correction, the so-called running sheets. If there are no further corrections, you give us permission to go ahead with printing. If there are still corrections to be made necessitating the creation of a new print file, you will be charged € 54 plus 19% VAT and the amount of one author’s copy.

  9. The books will be assigned an ISBN and the publisher will forward details to the "Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher" (VLB, German Books in Print) and to internet bookstores. The publisher will also deliver the requisite legal deposit copies to the German National Library (DNB) in Frankfurt.

  10. The publishers will send you your author's copies (without the faculty title page) and the invoice.

  11. They will also deliver the copies (including the faculty title page) required by the Publication Services Theses directly to them. The University Library then uploads the PDF file of your thesis to the server for electronic theses. You will be informed of both.

  12. The Publication Services Theses will send your copies promptly to the offices responsible for the issuing of the doctoral certificate. It will take 4-8 weeks until the certificate is ready. You then contact the requisite office to receive your certificate.

This will take abou 12 weeks depending on the workload from the date you submit the Word-formatted edition of your thesis.

Publications to date in the series "Dissertationen der LMU" and "Habilitationsschriften der LMU"