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Atterer, Richard (2008): Usability Tool Support for Model-Based Web Development. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik



When web engineering methods are used for the development of web applications, models are created during the development process which describe the website. Using the information present in these models, it is possible to create usability tool support that is more advanced than current approaches, which do not rely on the presence of models. This dissertation presents ideas for tool support during different phases of the development, such as the implementation phase or the testing phase. For example, if a tool knows from a model that the audience of a website are teenagers, it can examine whether the words and sentences used on the website are likely to be understood by teenagers. An approach is presented to augment existing web engineering models with the additional information ("age" in this case) and to make it available to tools, e.g. via embedding it in HTML code. Two prototypes demonstrate the concepts for integrating usability tool support into web engineering.