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Alteneder, Susanne (2006): Die Pferdeheilkunde Abû Bakrs Teil I: Übersetzung und Vergleich mit pferdeheilkundlichen Schriften der Spätantike und des islamischen Mittelalters. Dissertation, LMU München: Tierärztliche Fakultät



In this dissertation the chapters I-X of the 5th section, the chapters III-LXX of the 6th section, the chapters I-XXVII of the 7th section and the chapters I-XII of the 2nd volume of Abû Bakr's "Equine Medicine", which is written during the 14th century in Egypt, were translated from French into German. Fundamental thought of this dissertation is to receive with this translation a functional basis for the comparison with other equine medicine writings of the late classical Antiquity and the Arabic Middle Ages.In fact, a correspondance with other equine medical writings of this time, especially with the Corpus Hippiatricorum Graecorum and the writings of Ibn al-'Awwam, can be found.Beside this fact, the "Equine Medicine" shows nevertheless that Abû Bakr has built own and innovate passages in his work concerning especially the versatile variety of medical treatment and formal aspects of the work. Abû Bakr has created a compendium of equine medicine by using sources of ancient and by providing his own experiences so that the "Equine Medicine" may have played an important role for the coming generations.