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Marchal, Kai (2006): Die Ordnung des Politischen und die Ordnung des Herzens: Eine Studie zum politisch-philosophischen Denken des Lü Zuqian (1137-1181). Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften



The topic of my dissertation is the political and philosophical thought of Lü Zuqian (1137-1181), one of the key players in the history of the "True Way Learning" (Daoxue) in Southern Song China and a close associate of Zhu Xi (1130-1200). Focusing on core concepts in Lü’s writings like self-cultivation, imperial sovereignty, law, rites, institutions and reform, this study advances a new interpretation of Lü Zuqian's modes of thinking. The comparison of Lü Zuqian's political ideas to those of contemporaries such as Zhu Xi, Zhang Shi (1133-1180), Lu Jiuyuan (1139-1193), Chen Liang (1143-1194) and Ye Shi (1150-1223) clarifies the political language and the political engagements of Daoxue thinkers. This case study tries to explain the fundamental nature of political Daoxue discourse between 1160 and 1180 and to shed new light on the interpretation of "Neo-Confucian" thought in general.