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Baisch, Ulrich (2006): Von reaktiven molekularen Vorläufern zu höhervernetzten Lanthanoid-Oxonitridocarbonaten und nanokristallinen Lanthanoid-Nitrid-Materialien. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie



During the course of this research project the synthesis of highly reactive lanthanide and O2CN-containing molecular precursor complexes has been investigated. Important issues were the development of new reaction pathways to these species and the structural characterization of the N-containing precursors. The accurate thermal treatment of these complexes using various reaction gases yielded both lanthanide nitrides and highly condensed lanthanide oxo-nitrido carbonates using different types of gases. The observed degradation reactions to the products were characterized thoroughly. According to this procedure, novel and known compounds have been synthesized and investigated carefully regarding their structural and material properties. The application of CO2 as an important preorganized C/O-donor for addition reactions at the Ln/N precursor complex represented one of the major topics in this project. This “green reagent” can be considered as a promising species for future industrial applications. A new reaction pathway utilizing the decomposition reaction of N-containing organo¬lanthanides revealed the formation of highly aggregated nanocrystalline lanthanide nitrides at low temperatures. Novel Ln/O/C/N-solids were synthesized by thermal degradation of CO2-activated precursor complexes. The Ln/N and Ln/O/C/N species obtained can be considered as single-source molecular precursors and potential Ln/O/C/N-dopants for applications in the synthesis of O/C/N materials.