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Miller, Tatjana (2006): Einfluss Seltener Erden in der Schweine- und Kälbermast. Dissertation, LMU München: Tierärztliche Fakultät



7. Summary Tatjana Miller Influence of Rare Earth Elements on fattening pigs and calves In China rare earth elements (REE) are used as growth promoters in the animal production for almost 40 years. In recent studies of our group the ergotropic effect of the rare earth elements was tested with pigs, poultry, rats and fish in different dosages also under western feeding conditions. The best effects could be obtained with pigs. The daily weight gain in relation to control thereby could be increased over up to 12 %. At the same time the feed conversion ratio in the raising and mast phase decreased. In the first part of the this work the influence of rare earth elements as citrate on the daily weight gain was examined in a field trial with fattening calves. In the second part of the work the effects of REE and the phytogenic additive on pigs were examined. In a first feeding study with 312 male calves of the mark cattle race, divided into groups of 26, a mixture of rare earth elements was supplied to the animals in a concentration of 200 mg/kg daily by milk exchanger. No positive effects could be observed on the daily weight gain. In a second feeding experiment 80 piglets of the race German land race x Piétrain were evenly divided after sex and weight in four groups of 20 animals, and a mixture of rare earth elements in a concentration of 300 mg/kg, phytogenic additives in a concentration of 1000 mg/kg and a combination of both in same dosage was added during a period of 138 days. The additive of rare earth elements with male animals caused an average body weight increase by 3,4 %, whereby no improvement in the body weight development was to be observed with the female animals. An increase of the average body weight in [kg] by the supplementation with phytogenic additives could be observed around 3,1 % with female animals and around 1,8 % with male animals. The use of a combination of REE and phytogenic additives did not obtain an increase of the average body weight with the male animals, but on the other hand showed an increase with the female animals around 2,7 %. Thus it could be shown that both, rare earth elements and phytogenic additives, might have a positive effect on the body weight gain. A cumulative effect was not observed.