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Goschy, Harriet-Rosita (2014): Top-down shielding from distraction in visual attention: factors of influence. Dissertation, LMU München: Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN)



The present work examines top-down shielding from distraction in visual attention; that is, under which circumstances can the intentions and goals of an observer counteract the bottom-up salience of irrelevant distractors. Several factors of influence will be considered: First, prior experience with distractors, i.e. did observers previously acquire an effective distractor shielding strategy; second, intra- vs. cross-dimensionality of distractors, i.e. are irrelevant distractors defined in the same feature dimension (e.g., shape, color) as the target or in a different feature dimension; third, time, i.e. how effective is distractor shielding early vs. later in processing; and finally, the incentive for effective distractor shielding.