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Makowski, Sophia Janina (2012): Molecular s-triazine and s-heptazine derivatives as building blocks in coordination networks, molecular salts and supramolecular materials. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie



In this thesis various possibilities to employ s-triazine and s-heptazine compounds as building blocks in novel materials are presented. Different molecular s-triazine and s-heptazine derivatives have been utilized as building units in molecular salts, coordination and supramolecular compounds. Special attention has been paid to increased employment of s-heptazine derivatives and of molecules which can be classified as intermediates between inorganic carbon nitride type compounds and hydrocarbons. In the obtained materials different types of interactions except for covalent bonds determine specific assemblies of components in the crystal. Detailed analysis of impact and mutual influence of diverse types of noncovalent forces on the arrangement of molecular entities has been performed in order to gain a deeper understanding of these interactions, which will hopefully facilitate more directed syntheses of such materials in the future. Structural characterization has been complemented by analysis of chemical and thermal stability, and thereby the suitability of investigated compounds to be employed as building blocks in novel materials could be evaluated.