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Demmel, Anna (2011): Der Einfluss der alimentären Phosphorversorgung auf ausgewählte Nierenfunktionsparameter bei Katzen. Dissertation, LMU München: Tierärztliche Fakultät



In the present investigation the influence of a constant level of P excess (890 mg/MJ ME) was examined in 20 European shorthair cats using the following study design: 1.) a Ca/P-ratio in the recommended range (1.3:1) 2.) an inverse Ca/P ratio (0.4:1) according to Pastoor (1993) and 3.) a high Na and marginal K supply as well as an inverse Ca/P-ratio (0.4:1). Selected parameters of renal health including endogenous creatinine clearance, serum chemistry, urine analysis as well as faecal and renal mineral excretion were determined. In both trials with inverse Ca/P-ratio the endogenous creatinine clearance was significantly reduced and therefore confirmed the findings of Pastoor (1993). Furthermore, renal protein and glucose excretion increased. All effects were aggravated by multiple inappropriate mineral supply (Na excess and marginal K supply). Feeding the P excess diet with balanced Ca supply (Ca/P=1.3:1) for the limited study period of 28 days did not lead to comparably altered clinical findings. Possible long-term effects under these conditions can not be assessed on the basis of the current results.