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Kirchdorfer, Armin (2009): Ganz-Körper-Vibrationen bei Pferden: Bewertung eines neuartigen Bewegungs- und Untersuchungsstandes für Pferde. Dissertation, LMU München: Tierärztliche Fakultät



With this study, as one of the first of it’s kind in the field of veterinary medicine, the impact of applying vibrations to horses using a specially developed device for whole-body-vibrations was to be investigated. The aim of this study was to acquire new informations about the acute effect of vibration training to a horses muscles and it’s pattern of movement. 20 horses underwent an eight-day whole-body-vibration training program during their stay at a veterinary clinic. The effect of the training on the muscles of the horses was measured using ultrasonic measurements of the M. longissimus dorsi. In order to measure the thickness of the muscles, longitudal sections were made on both sides of the back in six different places. On an additional 10 horses a “computer-gait-analysis-program” was used to investigate the acute effect of whole-body-vibration training. This study showed that an eight-day whole-body-vibration training program had no significant effect on the diameter of the M. longissimus dorsi. The stride analysis part of this study showed that whole-body-vibration led to an increase in stride length and an improvement of step speed.